Sun Spots

You are a scar on my skin. 

Evidence of too much time spent in the sand. Swimming, playing, drinking, breathing, dreaming – without you. 

Let them age me. 

Let them remind me of each kiss.

Let them stare back at me, as I look at my nakedness, echoing your name in all my layers. 

Tainting my complexion, forever. 

Natural Home Spa Treatment Set

Natural Home Spa Treatment Set

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Did you know that…

You have way more control over how you age than you think you do!

Feed your skin: Choose foods that “feed your skin” to keep it young, vibrant, and healthy

Preserve your skin: Create a routine to care for your skin: cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize

Protect your skin: Always wear SPF

Quench your skin: Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day

Rest your skin: Relax and sleep eight hours when you can

These are factors that affect the way our skin looks. Your skin is your personal canvas. It’s never too early or late to take control over how you age.

What are you waiting for?

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Pearls & Skin

Some inspiration while I am preparing tomorrow’s post…
Did you know pearls have been used in skin care for over 2,000 years?!

Pearl face mask

{Chanel pearl strand}singular chanel style with pearlsThis picture of Kate Moss has been the background on my laptop for the longest time. Beautiful!

Pearl Mask. Love.LOVE this elegant model and the pearls.

Look at this cutie showing off her pearls in her skin! I couldn’t resist! 🙂

Sweet Westie modeling her pearls

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An Ode To My Forehead Wrinkles

I was 22.

I had started my first corporate job. The excitement of becoming a businesswoman was overwhelming. And yet, the only things I remember vividly from that very first day are the forehead wrinkles on my new superiors. Beautiful faces, each with three soft lines on their forehead.

They call them ‘thinking wrinkles’- the consequence of thinking too much. Of course, a tax consultant lives and breathes problems and solutions. Thinking wrinkles are a normal side effect. My obsession with skin care tripled that day. I was determined to fight this skin ‘reaction’.

Ten years later, as I look into the mirror, I see three faint lines slowly embedding themselves into the skin of my forehead. They really aren’t bad. But they are there. In my quest to beat the odds, I’ve applied lotions, bee pollen, caviar-infused gels, protein-based cremes, saturated gold gel pads, escargot masks, and have made my own egg-white Vitamin E concoction. (I’ll blog about all of these eventually!)

When I see these three lines, I don’t see defeat. I haven’t failed to preserve my beauty. My ‘thinking wrinkles’ remind me of my life. And this is what I see…

An Ode To My Forehead Wrinkles

I’ve noticed you lately.
Three perfect faint lines.
My Orion’s Belt.
I am a huntress.
I strive to live the fullest.

You remind me that I have.

When I see you,
I see beauty.
I see resilience.
I see heartache.
I see surviving long distance love.
I see family far away.
I see a woman fearlessly paving her way in New York City.
I see fear overcome.
I see anxiety prevailed.
I see tears shed.
I see surviving a hurricane and then a house fire.
I see family near.
I see friends.
I see people who have inspired me.
I see people I wish to forget.
I see the moment I truly fell in love.
I see loneliness. I see perseverance.
I see restless nights.
I see worrying.
I see love.
I see working hard.
I see inner peace.
I see inner war.
I see the cigarettes I’ve smoked.
I see a few drunken nights.
I see his smiling face.
I see compassion.
I see laughter.
I see hope.
I see the past.
I see the present.
I see the future.
I see experience.
I see me.

Thank you for reminding me.
You’re more than welcome to stay.

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